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Prompto x Reader: Pick Up Lines
Ever since you got in a relationship with Prompto, it was constant Fire of pick up lines to each other. It was mostly out of humour but sometimes, if one of you were lucky, the other would blush a bright red, which honestly, would be very entertaining to see.
"Hey~ Prompto~," you called out as you lay in the tent that you've been sharing with Prompto.
"Yeah?" The blond male came from outside the tent.
"Are you a chocobo? Because I want to ride you all day and night," you said nonchalantly.
Suddenly, you hear a crash from outside the tent and a chorus of the boys outside complaining about Prompto. You groaned as you sat up and shuffled towards the entrance of the tent and peering outside. You noticed Prompto crouched on the ground, his face buried in his hands and the tips of his ears completely red. You chuckled at the sight and went back into the tent.
~Timeskip to the next day~
~Prompto's POV~
Last night's event was so not cool. I'm going to get them back, I swear. I spent a long tim
:iconsinnamonbby:SinnamonBby 37 10
Gladio X Reader - Sleeping In
Prompt - "Get out of my face before I hit you."

In the back of your mind, you registered someone speaking to you but you weren’t focused on what they were saying or who it was that was speaking. You were too busy sleeping in. After all, it was a Sunday. What else was there to do?
You groaned sleepily when you felt the person gently pat your back in an effort to wake you up. It wasn’t a very successful move as all you did was pull the blankets up, snuggling into your pillow as you did so.
You heard the person sigh but paid them no mind. Could the person see that you were perfectly happy where you were?
The patting and gentle shaking of your shoulders continued, if not seemed to increase. “C'mon babe. Time to get up.” A deep voice spoke. You didn’t respond; too far gone in your sleep to even notice them anymore.
Gladio, who had been the one trying to wake you up, rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his broad chest.
:iconmadi-milkshakes:Madi-Milkshakes 58 2
King Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV :icontoydreamer:TOYDREAMER 291 46 FFXV Brothers :iconmerwild:Merwild 784 40 Tidewater :iconwildweasel339:Wildweasel339 2,172 77 Winter Hunt :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 4,889 76 Runecaster Warrior :icondangercook:dangercook 5,661 662 what big eyes you have :iconravietta:Ravietta 2,904 92 Base of Operations :iconjakemurray:JakeMurray 751 44 Hermione Granger :iconfridouw:fridouw 712 108 New character long hair change :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 1,698 108 Sketchavember 2014: Week 2 :iconkaelacroftart:KaelaCroftArt 334 50 Solos pt 2 :icongoatrocket:goatrocket 342 18 The Knight of Rey :iconwithoutafuss:Withoutafuss 932 55 The Force Awakens Highschool AU :iconverauko:verauko 1,827 92
Dance Lessons: Fili x Reader
"One step forward, one to the left, now back, now move to the right, not bad Kili."
Since the restoration of Erebor was almost finished, King Thorin had announced that a grand celebration, complete with dancing, would take place in a fortnight's time. As his trusted friend and former member of his company, he requested that you undertake the special duty of teaching his beloved nephews how to dance. It was important to him that the future heirs of Erebor make a good impression.
You were currently practicing with Kili while Fili sat on the sidelines fuming. Although neither of them had any experience whatsoever, the younger of the brothers was catching on far quicker than the elder, a fact which irritated Fili greatly. He watched for over an hour as Kili advanced to spinning you gracefully around the room and had even mastered a perfect dip.
Laughing and out of breath, you finally stopped him and said "Kili, there's no more I can teach you. You're more than prepared for the party. I'm s
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